Shopping for a new SUV? You have lots of options to choose from, maybe even too many. With so many SUVs on sale today, it can be tough to find one with the performance, features, and value that meet your needs and let’s face it, one that “fits the needs of a Nigerian road”.

Sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) are by far the most popular vehicle type in the world today. Many buyers are drawn to SUVs for their elevated ride height, all-wheel drive, improved off-road ability and/or interior versatility, compared with their car counterparts. They’re available in a wide variety of prices and sizes, and ranges from small models not much bigger than subcompact cars to extended-length giants that are based on pickup-truck hardware.

Here are a few things you should know before  deciding which SUV you want to own…


    1. BUDGET

This cannot be overemphasized when you are trying to shop for anything at all. When shopping for an SUV a person has to find one that has all of the features they want and at an affordable price. They need to shop for one with room, And also one that  offers technology and safety features that fit into their budget. There are so many different models of SUVs on the market with a little research this should not be a problem.



The SUV has a bigger engine but at the same time, some models are more aerodynamic and get better gas mileage. If a person gets an SUV with a 4 cylinder engine it is going to use less gas than an 8 cylinder. While SUVs are becoming more fuel-efficient they still use more gas than other cars.


  1. SIZE

The size of the SUV is very important. A smaller crossover would fit smaller families. Such an SUV can comfortably seat up to five people. Those that have a larger family or like to travel in groups may want a larger SUV so that everyone can fit in comfortably. A mid size SUV can seat up to 8 people and often have a third row of seating so that everyone will have a seat.



SUVs have been known to roll over at times. There are some safety features to keep in mind. Newer models of SUVs are designed to be safe and meet specific guidelines. Anti Lock brakes can help stop the car safely as well as front and side airbags. Reverse cameras make it easier to back up and easier to see what is behind the SUV. These safety features make a big difference which you must consider while buying new SUVs.


  1. DRIVE

A person has to decide if they want 2 wheels, 4 wheels or all-wheel drive. If they are going to go off-roading or if they drive in bad weather they need to think about this and decide which option will work best for them.


The smaller models of an SUV such as a Honda CR-V are considered to be crossovers since they are smaller. They are built on the frame of a car instead of a truck. The frame is lighter which also allows them to get better gas mileage. A traditional SUV has the frame of a truck and is larger. They have row seating and often have a third row that can fold down. A person has to look at the gas mileage between these two choices. They also need to look at how many people they are going to be transporting.


When a person is looking to buy an SUV, here are a few things that they need to consider. They need to find an SUV that is safe and has all of the features they are looking for. There are many SUVs on the market and there are plenty to choose from.


Bottomline, always do your research. 


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