Most tourists, especially those who love to travel locally, prefer to use public transport when moving from one state to another. It’s cheap, usually reliable, and an easy way to get from A to B.


However, renting a car during a tour, particularly in a city like Lagos can make a lot of sense, and after-all, who doesn’t love a good road trip!

The thought of driving in a new state can definitely be overwhelming. But thousands of tourists opt for car rentals when on tour, and having your own vehicle can open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Honestly, some destinations are more suited to having a car than others, and Lagos is a city where it really pays to rent a car.

Going through this list will help you decide whether your next tour could benefit from a car rental.


  • A WIDE RANGE OF VEHICLES TO PICK FROM: Be sure that whatever kind or brand of car you  want, most of the rental companies will offer SUVs, economy, minivans or even luxury cars. So, with this, you will have a great choice in your hands to find your preferred vehicle. And Autogirl is sure to do justice by providing a very wide range of cars to pick from.


  • CONVENIENCE: Renting a car in a new city like Lagos  is an amazing way to explore new areas and beautiful sites with comfort. You are able to get to your destination way easier and quicker than when you use public transport.


  • COST EFFECTIVE: Public transport is the cheapest way to get around most cities, but for the level of convenience and freedom it gives you, renting a car is incredibly cheap.


  • FLEXIBILITY: Being able to just get in your car whenever you need to and go wherever you want is bliss. You don’t need to wait for the exact buses and adapt the schedules. Moreover with technology, you can make use of google maps which will definitely make your journey even better. It will be your best guide en route.


  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Most of the rental companies provide additional services making your experience even better and more comfortable. Autogirl for example, provides you with a driver, drops you off or picks you up from the airport.


The type of transportation you choose can make or break a vacation. So instead of relying on public transportation that can limit your destinations. It’s wise to rent your own car. That way, you get to explore more places and travel like a tourist. Also, don’t forget to get your cameras and amazing playlist.


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